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The First Wrinkle

"Today she applies on her skin, not one cosmetic. The white clean renders her skin as smooth as porcelain, but, without the cream, to my surprise, I discovered her first wrinkle.

It was small, barely marked, creasing toward her mouth, with only a trace of powder to cover it. It was a flower of time, like the colchicum the proceeds winter, like the falling leaves of autumn that conclude the beautiful season past. On it, I placed a long caressing kiss. And never before as in that moment of tenderness, had I felt closer to her heart."

Dr. Paolo Rovesti, Milano | Italy

“The Achievement of timeless beauty”

Dr. Paolo Rovesti

“Lo confesso, ho vissuto per la bellezza.”

“I confess, I Lived for beauty.”

This symbolic phrase by world renowned Dr. Paolo Rovesti implies the very essence of his existence. During his life of study and research, he held an ideal for beauty. He traveled to find its traces, study its secrets, rituals, and its primitive arts. Honesty, wisdom, a rare talent and love of beauty and nature made Rovesti a great scholar, researcher, and innovator in the field of cosmetic and skin care products. Over 60 years of accumulated knowledge researched by this devoted doctor led to the formulation of a very unique and natural skin care product line. Dr. Paolo Rovesti worked to develop a line of pure, natural and highly professional skin care products. Currently, ongoing research and development is being continued by Dr. Rovesti’s prodigy, Dr. Rita Terenghi, and biochemist Dr. Roberto Bergamaschi.

The resulting DermaCeutical products have been successfully marketed in Italy, Spain, England, Germany and North America.